“Okay, that’s great – but then where do you go?”

Okay, okay.   Now you know what the worst thing a sailor can have on a boat is, right?  Yes, a schedule.  But you are pressing me so one of our bucket list places is Easter Island.  Hmmm…..sounds familiar you say?  Yeah, you know, the place with the really big stone heads that no one knows how they got there.  Well, we are not sure we will find out why when we are there but it sounds like a great sail to get there.  Now time for some math.  Lets convert to nautical miles for the next conversation. 3100nm. From Zihuatanejo to Easter Island. 3100nm. With our hull speed of 7nm/hour or 100 miles per dayin best conditions.  That would give us 31 days of travel with optimal conditions.  Traveling night and day.  Trading shifts or “watches” of 3-4 hours each.   Crazy, right?  Just to see some stone heads?  Just wait for that post and photos!

“Hey, since you are headed that way, what about the Galapagos?!”  Yeah, I know.  Trust me, it was on my list.  I mean, I really wanted to go there.  As we started to read more, listening to others experiences, we decided it wasn’t really that high on our list.  For anyone who goes there -fantastic!  Enjoy it!  We just didn’t want to deal with the permits, the bureaucracy and the end cost.

One of the many positive aspects in our boat purchase on the west coast is the course we will be sailing.   Cook Islands, French Polynesia, Papua New Guinea.  So many wonderful islands that are rich in reefs and perfect for SCUBA.  To help tie this in, remember Captain John is a certified (SSI, SDI/TDI) SCUBA instructor.  Likewise, I am a certified (SSI, SDI/TDI, PADI), assistant SCUBA instructor.  Together we have done a ton of diving, teaching and making lifelong friends.  We are really looking forward to spending quality time under water with brightly colored fish and soft corals. We will want to spend as much time as possible there before sneaking out of the Southern Hemisphere before the storm season hits. This will likely find us in Hawaii for the winter.

I know, I know.  I am not really feeling that you are sympathetic to my cause…..

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