And so it begins…….

….with the resignation from our respective positions.  Again.  You would think that it gets easier but it doesn’t. At least not in my case.  I have typically been one of “those” people that settles into a position, nesting, and staying awhile. The reality of this voyage has not quite sunk in – wait, poor choice of words…..I haven’t completely wrapped my mind around it yet. Captain John however, has been ready for 15 years.  SV Bella Nave has been ready for a year.  Hmm….maybe I am more of an anchor than I thought!  It was always a goal and the time as come to untie the lines.

I am not sure if my colleagues, friends, family think I am adventurous or out of my mind. Sometimes it seems there is a very thin line between both.  There is so many great YouTube videos of young couples, older couples, families- all living aboard and abroad. I would encourage anyone who wonders who would, why would they and how do they do this to watch S/V Delos, Sailing Zatara, Sailing Catalpa, MJ Sailing, Sailing LaVagabonde to name a few. We plan to do some as well and hope to have a following, if for no other reason than to have a respite from the daily grind.

So bookmark this site and keep checking back often!


Debbie and Captain John

12 thoughts on “And so it begins…….”

  1. I am so looking forward to following your adventures! I hope we can meet-up at some distant port one day!
    Cha Cha (Jessica)

  2. John and Debbie,
    We are excited to follow your journeys. We have enjoyed being your neighbors and so thankful for your help and guidance with our boat projects. Many blessings on your journeys ahead.

    Scott, Mary , and boys

    1. Oh my gosh! We loved having you guys for neighbors! Definitely will stay in touch and you are always welcome to come join us wherever we are!!

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